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Have you ever wondered why some Crypto, DeFi or NFT projects “make it” and others don’t?

What separates Bitcoin from Bitcoin Gold?

Or Dogecoin from Memecoin?

Or Dai from DIA?

Or Bored Apes from Noctuas?

What makes one project worth billions of dollars and another worth pennies?

The simple answer… Attention & Trust.

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Some projects win Attention & Trust and they explode.

Some projects don’t and they die in a sea of $0.0000000000’s.

There are thousands of perfectly good Crypto, DeFi and NFT projects out there, which only lack the Attention & Trust NEEDED to get bought up by more and more people, to increase their value.

And because this holds so true, the reverse is the same.

When a project HAS Attention & Trust LOSES it; the result is catastrophic.

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Trust and Attention is KEY.

There’s no denying Crypto, DeFi and NFT projects all need Attention & Trust.

However; it is much more difficult to win Trust and Attention.

And all a good project needs to start gaining Trust to gain Attention.

So your focus should be on gaining Attention first.

SO Let me help your Project solve this issue by writing and publishing your Project to over 75 Googled approved Crypto News Site.

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